Monday, February 27, 2012

365 #39 Dali in Istanbul

The weather has been incredible this past week. I've been out gallivanting and soaking up the fresh air and bright sunshine every single day, and have been a very, very, happy bunny.

I also managed to make it to the last few days of the Salvador Dali exhibition here in Istanbul, and was enraptured for hours. The exhibition was set in a gorgeous 16th century building, the Tophane i-Amir, (which used to be a cannon factory), and showcased 121 pieces of Dali's works: the "Divine Comedy" prints, and two series of color lithographs: “Memories of Surrealism,” and the “Gala” series. I was most excited by "Divine Comedy" - which is to me, Dali's most inspired work.

Here are some shots that I took with my Iphone. I didn't make an effort to take better pictures because there were so many lines to see the pieces, and when I finally got to them, I didn't want to waste my time framing a good shot.

I love that Istanbul has so many good art exhibitions. Still on is Van Gogh Alive, and recently opened Rembrandt. Average entrance prices are 10 turkish lira.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

365 #38 half the fun...

... Of a vacay is planning the outfits!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

365 #37 The journey

 Remember, remember:
Paragraphs below copied from here

1] You have already arrived. So, feel pleasure at each step and do not worry about things that you still have to face. We have nothing before us, just a road to be traveled at each moment with joy. When we practice pilgrim meditation, we are always arriving, our home is the present moment, and nothing more.

2] For that reason, always smile while you walk, Even if you have to force it a bit and feel ridiculous. Get used to smiling and you will end up happy. Do not be afraid of displaying your contentment.

3] If you think that peace and joy always lie ahead, you will never manage to achieve them. Try to understand that they are both your traveling companions.

4] When you walk, you are massaging and honoring the earth. In the same way, the earth is trying to help you to balance your organism and mind. Understand this relationship and try to respect it – may your steps have the firmness of a lion, the elegance of a tiger and the dignity of an emperor.

5] Pay attention to what is going on around you. And concentrate on your breathing – this will help you to get rid of the problems and worries that try to accompany you on your journey.

6] When you walk, it is not just you that is moving, but all past and future generations. In the so-called “real” world, time is a measure, but in the true world nothing exists beyond the present moment. Be fully aware that everything that has happened and everything that will happen is in each step you take.

7] Enjoy yourself. Make pilgrim meditation a constant meeting with yourself, never a penance in search of reward. May flowers and fruit always grow in the places touched by your feet.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

365 #36 On February 21, 2 years ago...

I put on this dress,

Had my make up done, 
Then cried because he had snuck me a touching love note, 
as he always does,

Stood with my loved ones and looked out of the window, 

And looked at this beautiful sight, 

Then I got on a buggy, and down again, 
And started to cry again, 
because I heard my brother singing our song:
"I'm yours" by Jason Mraz. 

Then I followed my sisters, who were my bridesmaid and maid of honor,  

And held on to my daddy for dear life, 

While he walked me down the aisle, 
And handed me to my man,
Then I looked into the eyes of my love, 

We recited our vows, 

And then said, "I do". 

We walked back down the aisle,

Grabbed our families and friends for pictures and dances,

Threw my bouquet, 

Had my cake, 
and ate it too,

And lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

365 #35 Blue Cheese Pasta

I don't know about you, but when the weather is cold, and it's THAT time of the month, I crave all things greasy, creamy, sinful, and easy to prepare.

Here, I bring you a 5-minute meal that ticks all the above requirements.

 All you need is some cream and blue cheese.

And some pasta. Thanks to my super hubby, I have some homemade spinach pasta. 
But the store bought ones work all the same.

You melt the blue cheese in the cream.

Dump in the cooked pasta. 
Et voila. 
1000 calories all ready to settle on your hips.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

365 #34 Happy

Extremely busy these days being completely and utterly spoilt by my visitors.  
 It's a hard life, but somebody's got to do it.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

365 #33 The question

I get frustrated sometimes by my own frustration. 
I know how grateful I should be for my very fortunate circumstances. 
So is it greedy of me to want more, more and more from life?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

365 #32 Hubby turns 30

It's that time of the year again.

And today, the hubby turns 30. He's been so excited about 'catching up with me' and being in the same age range that I think he's forgotten I will ALWAYS be older. ALWAYS! I love ribbing him about the fact that he's my little boy, and watch him puff up his feathers and say that at least he's bigger and taller. Sigh. The things we argue about. :))

To my mostest bestest friend in the world, my strongest rock, my funniest clown, my gentle giant, my silliest joker, my fellow adventurer, my kindest adviser, my partner in crime, my strongest protector and my biggest admirer: I love you, love you, love you, love you. With every atom of my being. With all the light of my soul. Today, and forever, may all your dearest wishes come true. The way they did for me when I met you. Happy birthday biboobiboo.

Monday, February 13, 2012

365 #31 How will I know

She saw me through my childhood, my loves, my heartbreaks, my tears, my life. 

I was lucky enough to see her perform live once a few years ago. And while it was sad to see that she was no longer the Whitney I had dreamt about for so long, she fulfilled a dream I had since I was a kid prancing and dancing around in my room with my blanket wrapped around me (pretending it was a ballgown) and belting out screaming 'I wanna dance with somebody' and 'How will I know' like I was a super star.

R.I.P. Whitney. Thank you for all the songs I still sing today.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

365 #30 Of burgers and a weird habit

One of my 'best dishes' is the humble burger. I make a mean patty, thanks to my Super Mummy and thanks to Jamie Oliver. I think homemade burgers are the best! You can pile it up with all kinds of goodies that are always so meager when you go to a restaurant. I love my own burgers. Here's what goes into this burger that's almost as big as my face:

 Lettuce, half an avacado, half a tomato, half an onion, 3 pickles, homemade patty.

Another reason I also like eating my burgers at home is because I have a habit that has made my friends look at me with disdain. You see, I like to dissect my burgers and eat 'em with a fork and knife. Not because I'm a poser, but because I think it tastes better that way. When I'm out, I do like everyone else and hold up the monster, and eat like a normal human being. But when I'm at home, I can make a huge mess of my plate and eat daintily with my fork and knife. Does anyone out there do the same? 

Homemade burger. Dissected. Bliss.

Friday, February 10, 2012

365 #29 Best foot forward

If you plan on walking a lot when you're in Istanbul, and you should, because there are so many small streets and alleys to discover, save your luggage space, and don't bring your pretty shoes. Practicality is key. I made the mistake of wearing my favorite sandals when I first arrived (before winter), and after a day of intense walking, the soles of my shoes and feet were begging for mercy. Istanbul streets are rough and best traversed with rugged, comfortable shoes. I'm glad it's winter now, because I can still look cool with riding boots. Make no mistake, I am all about being glamorous et all whilst traveling, but there are days when you just want to go where the wind brings you and stay out all day. Days like these, sneakers (with socks padding your precious feet) are the best bet.

 The sandals that need to be resoled.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

365 #28 A bowl of goodness

I've been eating very unhealthily for more than two weeks. Take-outs, delivery, fast food, eating out. Most times, the food is substandard and borderline disgusting. But I still finish it because I really, really hate wasting.

This week, I decided enough was enough. I have got to cook again. So I went to a butcher who sells beautiful free range organic whole chickens, and made my favoritest White Chopped Chicken. After our dinner (which was a couple of days ago), I kept the stock that was used to cook the chicken, and stripped the leftover meat off the bones of the chicken, and stuffed everything into the fridge.

Today, my lunch took only 10 minutes to prepare, and tasted so good.

1. Boil noodles and drain when cooked
2. In separate pot, boil chicken slices in chicken stock
3. Chop spring onions while everything is boiling
4. Put everything together in bowl
5. Serve

My dipping sauce for that extra oomph:
Spring onions, Sabah Chili Padi paste, Vietnamese Salt and Pepper mixture, lime juice.

I'm so happy that I have enough stock and chicken bits for three more meals. Guess what I'll be eating the next few days?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

365 #27 Three in One

 1. Cleaning House + 2. Breaking in new boots + 3. Pretending it's summer and wearing a miniskirt 
= Lazy day blog post

p.s. forgive the ju on-like hair covering face. Wasn't in the mood for make-up, and thought the shots were posey enough. Smiles and looking into the camera would have been overkill, no?

p.p.s. this is the 7th day of my breaking in my new boots by stomping around the house, finding things to do and cleaning out my closets. The first 5 days, I wore very very very thick socks that almost cut off blood circulation in my toes. It's paid off. Today I have normal socks on, and the boots finally fit like a dream. Cleaning has never felt more fulfilling.