Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to break in your leather shoes

So the thing is, I have big, wide feet. I'm a size 42. And I love shoes. And it's really hard to get shoes that fit, so as long as I can slip my feet into ANYTHING pretty, I buy 'em.

Seriously. I have about no less than 100 pairs of shoes, and I wear maybe only five of them on a daily basis, because the rest are just so darned uncomfortable that I can't walk for more than ten minutes without feeling like I'm about to break my toes. And I'm not just talking about heels. I'm talking about ballerinas and flats that are supposed to look effortlessly pretty and make me feel like I'm walking in air.

I tried everything. In fact, I spend my days at home walking around and going about my chores in too-tight shoes and thick socks. And it still didn't help all that much.

Enter a fashionable male friend who I was FaceTiming with as I limped about the house in yet another attempt to break in yet another pair of flats that I was dying to bring on a vacation.

The secret weapon? A hairdryer.

These pictures below will illustrate the simple process:


On high heat, you blowdry the insides of the shoe. 

Then you slip on thick socks and stuff your feet into the shoes and walk around until they cool down. 


I brought these shoes with me to Santorini recently, and walking around in it felt like a dream. I even wore it on the plane, where my feet have this uncomfortable habit of ballooning, and still, no discomfort when we landed. 

Voila. Try it out and pass it on if it works for you.


  1. OHHHH!!

    1st of all LOVE THIS POST!! this is so amazing. I need to do this to so many pairs of shoes. I too love shoes and I never wear so many because they kill my feet!

    2ndly your ferragamos are BEAUTIFUL!!!

    3rdly i swell too when i fly! i thought i was the only one!! i can easily gain 5lbs just getting on an international flight. it's crazy.

    and finally thank you so much for your super sweet comment it really warmed my heart :)

    1. Awwww, you're so sweet! Your posts always, always, always makes me smile. I couldn't ever imagine you going through all that, because you bring so much into so many people's lives with your cheerful and upbeat posts. So, kudos again, I'm still inspired by you today and as I reread your post again ;))))

      p.s. I just went through a 24 hour journey spanning 5 airports a couple of days ago. The shoes almost killed me this time... Because I just weighed myself and found that I'm carrying 12!!!!!! yes!!! TWELVE pounds of extra water weight!!!! It's madness!!!!!

  2. ohhh blowdry the shoes! that is a really creative idea, I'm going to try that with the new pair of flats I got :)

  3. Oh what a great trick! The weird and scary thing is that I don't own one! I have one at my parent's place but didn't bother getting one when I moved abroad.

    I came across your blog via your guest post on Marlene's blog. I don't know if my comment showed up, but I wanted to say that you shared a moving, beautiful story. I am so happy you are feeling lighter, because my heart broke when I read your post. Life is a fragile, but wonderful thing and I hope many more beautiful experiences come your way!

  4. Hi Heather, I used to read your blog regularly until I had a newborn baby which meant no more me time, and catching up on sleep, so I stopped reading for a while. Anyway, by serendipity, I read an article about your husband currently working as a chef in Manila. My little family and I have moved back to Manila as well, so I'm thinking (not to sound stalker-ish), if you're free I'd really love to meet up with you. :)

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