Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Recap: Day 7 of GM Diet

Updates from yesterday, the last day of the diet (vege, fruits and rice day).

Ate: 2 bowls soup, 1 bowl rice, 2 apples, half a watermelon, 5 apricots, 4 peaches, some cabbage, some onions.

Drank: 3 mugs black coffee, 2.5 litres of water.

Activities: 20 minutes walk to and from yoga, 90 minutes yin yoga, 90 minutes vinyasa yoga.

How I felt: Very, very, very good. So full of energy that I decided to do two sessions of yoga. Granted, yin is very relaxing, and not at all taxing.

When I woke up this morning, I weighed: 61.3kg (Sunday's nonsense finally caught up with me today)

So, in all, I've only lost 1.7kg, which tells you that cheating is a very, very, very bad idea!

Though as I said before, my weight is really of not too much consequence, because my tummy has subsided (albeit slightly), and in the past few days, I've been sweating twice as much during yoga classes - which I guess means that my toxins are being flushed away in greater amounts. So it's all good.

Here's a picture of the new tummy. Much better than here, no?

 Oh, guess what I ate to 'break my fast' today?
*drum roll for the meals i have been looking forward to the entire week please*
Spinach omelet for brunch and soy sauce chicken on noodles for dinner.
Some cheese and peanut butter and crackers for lunch, an apple before my Ashtanga class, and chips for dinner. Why?!?!? Because the electricity of my entire neighbourhood was off for 8 whole hours!!! In 36°c heat!!! And my stove depends on the electricity to be alive!!! Grrrrr. And of course, the electricity just had to come back up at 9 freaking 30 PM, just as I stuff the last piece of the SECOND packet of chips in my mouth. *___* 

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