Thursday, July 22, 2010


Been spending too much time on the internet, and these things I covet somehow keep appearing, as if taunting and begging me to buy them.

So, thought maybe if I put them here instead, they'd leave me in peace, since it'd be like I already virtually have it. 

*Going through the pictures and writing about this was fun. Maybe I'll do this the next time I have another shopping urge, to curb the money spending demon in me.*  

1. The Leica D-Lux 3

Such a pretty, pretty camera! 

Both black and white/silver are absolutely gorgeous!

I'd take such good pictures with this beauty!

2. Hermes Kelly Caleche Riding Boots

Sigh. These are so beauteous. Need I say more?

But with the prices around 1500 to 1700 euros per pair, I definitely can only own them in the virtual world. 

(*erm, while I'm at it and wishing away, I also want that ass and those legs of the model) 

3. Mikimoto Pearls

Classic. Timeless. Gorgeous.

If I had one of these, I'd NEVER buy costume jewelry ever again.

 4. B&B Italia Sofa

We need a new sofa very urgently. The temporary sofa bed we got when we first moved in is giving us back-aches and is so uncomfortable that I've taken to sitting on the floor. 

I know we'll end up with another Ikea one, but no harm dreaming about these handsome Italian hunks.


  1. the panasoniic LX3 which is almost identical to the Dlux 3 but has a better Leica Lens but costs a fraction of the Leica camera. approx rgt 1500.

  2. I know... the Black LX3 is very pretty! (silver not so). But can't seem to find it here. :'(

    Anyhoo, my FX10's still usable, so won't waste money and buy a new one until this dies. :)