Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daily Dress Tergendala

:( No daily dress today cos my card reader is officially dead (bought it in Shanghai for 25RMB, so I guess the end was inevitable. Surprised it even lasted this long). And such a pity cos I wore quite a cute outfit and took so many cute pictures too!

Anyways, off to Biarritz tmrw, and not looking forward to the 10 hour drive, which might turn into 15 hours, as everyone is ominously telling us that the upcoming weekend will have the busiest traffic in the entire year, and that we're likely to get stuck in a jam for SEVEN hours! wtf?

But our plans are set, and we're picking up the car at 9am, so hopefully we'll be on the road by 9.30am. Whatever the traffic situation, I just pray that we get there before midnight.

Talk soon!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Daily Dress #2

Today I wore my most fave summer dress.

It's cute, short, and combines my love of zippers and flowers. I also absolutely love how it looks from the back too.

Happy, happy, happy!

dress from H&M

Silver flower ring from Shanghai, 
fave watch in the world from daddy and mummy 5 Christmases ago, 
silver sandals from Marks & Spencer

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daily Dress #1

I have decided to start doing daily dress posts to encourage myself to take more care in my daliy appearance cos SOME people (you know who you are!!!) have commented that I'm starting to look slovenly and a little too housewifey.

So, here's to being pretty again!

What I wore on Tues, 27 July 2010  

Dress from Tequila Solo, Paris

Earrings made by Ms Z and me one lazy Saturday evening, 
my fave summer ring bought on the streets of Barcelona 3 years ago, 
Sandals from some random boutique in Paris, 
flower hair thing from Shanghai.

The Basque Country

I'm so excited about this Friday! We're leaving for our summer hols in Biarritz, Super Hub's hometown.

10 days relaxing at the place which is known as the Queen of Beaches, and the Beach of Kings, thus named for all the royalty that used to vacation there.

Also famous for surfers who ride the waves which are a million metres high. I'm of course more interested in their washboard abs than their waxy surfboards. *grin*

Sea, sun, sand here I come!

Monday, July 26, 2010



Can somebody tell me what's so great about this movie cos Super Hubs and I just watched it and we were absolutely lost.

After all the amazing reviews and blogs proclaiming how wonderful it was (which I even religiously  avoided and refused to read before I watched it, in case it spoiled the suspense for me), I had such high hopes. And now I just feel stupid. Cos I just didn't get what was so good about it.

Sure it had tons of effects and the acting was great, and my brain has never worked so hard to process all that was presented.

But seriously, what's the deal?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Been spending too much time on the internet, and these things I covet somehow keep appearing, as if taunting and begging me to buy them.

So, thought maybe if I put them here instead, they'd leave me in peace, since it'd be like I already virtually have it. 

*Going through the pictures and writing about this was fun. Maybe I'll do this the next time I have another shopping urge, to curb the money spending demon in me.*  

1. The Leica D-Lux 3

Such a pretty, pretty camera! 

Both black and white/silver are absolutely gorgeous!

I'd take such good pictures with this beauty!

2. Hermes Kelly Caleche Riding Boots

Sigh. These are so beauteous. Need I say more?

But with the prices around 1500 to 1700 euros per pair, I definitely can only own them in the virtual world. 

(*erm, while I'm at it and wishing away, I also want that ass and those legs of the model) 

3. Mikimoto Pearls

Classic. Timeless. Gorgeous.

If I had one of these, I'd NEVER buy costume jewelry ever again.

 4. B&B Italia Sofa

We need a new sofa very urgently. The temporary sofa bed we got when we first moved in is giving us back-aches and is so uncomfortable that I've taken to sitting on the floor. 

I know we'll end up with another Ikea one, but no harm dreaming about these handsome Italian hunks.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Roma in Luxembourg

Restaurant Roma, that is.

We went for lunch with Dr. D on the weekend at one of his fave Italian restaurants in town. And before I go on about the restaurant, let me tell you about how much Dr. D knows his food. He loves his food, and wouldn't hesitate to hop over to say, San Sebastian or Berlin for a weekend to try out the city's current best restaurants with his wife, mdm M. And they've been doing this for more than 30 years.

I first met them the first week we got into Luxembourg, when Super Boss decided to invite all his good friends and food connoisseurs to try out William's cooking. I was sat right smack in between Dr. D, and another globe-trotting foodie chap, Mr. J, and they had me sweating buckets as they compared notes about the Michelin starred restaurants they'd been to, as we waited for dinner to be served. What was even more initimidating was that they not only knew tons about the best places to eat all over Europe, but they were also quite knowledgeable (and had been to) quite a few of the restaurants in our part of the world - Malaysia, Thailand, China, Cambodia... You get my drift.

I was very relieved when they were impressed with Super Hubby's dishes, and managed to relax enough to act normally, and enjoy the night. Since then, we've hung out often, and I always look to Dr. D and Mdm M for food recommendations, and general fun stuff to do in Luxembourg.

Now back to Restaurant Roma. This is going to be a short review because we only had a dish each (lunch had to be light cos we were looking at a very heavy dinner), but I promise this won't be the last review as it was so good that Super Hubby is already planning our next visit back there.

This was the dish that stole Super Hubby's heart. 
In his words, "The best tomato mozzarella salad EVER!". 
Seems even the dressing for the leaves were perfection. 

Dr. D's Spaghetti Vongole. Looked very fresh and delish.
And I wanted to grab the plate from Dr. D after he finished the pasta, especially when he started mopping up the juices with a piece of bread.

My ravioli with ricotta cheese, and pumpkin sauce.
This was the reason we came here in the first place, cos when asked what I felt like for lunch, the only thing that came to my hangover-ed mind was: something creamy, rich and carb-filled.
And it was a dream!  But William stole 3 pieces from me. 
Which made it feel like I didn't have enough, and I had to get an ice cream cone afterwards to make myself feel better. 

Total damage for these three dishes, a bottle of sparkling water (for the men), a bottle of still water (for me), and a latte (for William): 69.70 euro.

According to Super Hubby, we're going back this weekend for his salad. Me, I'm gonna try the Spaghetti Vongole. 

Address: 5 Rue de Louvigny, 1946 Luxembourg

Monday, July 19, 2010

the Fresh Sunday

These days, the weather in Luxembourg has been absolutely wonderful with blue, sunny skies at 23 degrees.

We're spending lotsa time outdoors, enjoying what is said to be the most spectacular summer in Luxembourg ever.

Yesterday, we had a little 'family dinner' at the hotel restaurant terrace with the Super bosses and Super friends (no customers, cos the restaurant is closed on Sundays).

Menu was lotsa meat, and the chef was Dr. D, who other than being the best doctor in Luxembourg (and some say Europe) is such a teddy bear, and an amazing cook to boot.

We had lotsa laughs, and while the adults were drinking their wine and champers outside, I had quite a fun time running around with the girls. I was also trying to avoid alcohol cos of some very deadly caipirinhas and shots the night before, which resulted in a horrible hangover.

We also appointed ourselves the official photogs of the night, and went around snapping shots of the food being prepared.

Then when my headache got the best of me, and I had to sit down with some water like an old lady, the two little E's went around snapping shots of the adults, and of each other, which resulted in some very nice pictures here:

Oh, and the food! So good, my mouth is still watering thinking of it. Yums.

All Sundays should be like this. Relaxing, with lots and lots of good food.

Thats the sky at 9pm. Bliss.

Friday, July 16, 2010


I was highly irritated and annoyed by some people at work today.

In fact, I got so disturbed that my voice started becoming harsh and shrill as I talked, and I felt tears well up at the back of my eyes. I managed to calm myself down before breaking down spectacularly and fulfilling the stereotype of the hysterical woman at work, but was still seething with anger as I stomped back home and grumbled to hubby about what a 'poor thing' I was.

Then I saw this on FB by my fave self-help guru:

‎"Send love in some form to those you believe have wronged you, and notice how much better you feel and how much more peace you have." - Dr. Wayne Dyer 


So, I'm better now. Helps too that I just swallowed almost an entire tub of nutella.   

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have internet at home! Finally!

Talk soon, my peeps!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All about food... in Paris

We ate A LOT on our weekend in Paris.

And I must admit it was all very good, but next time, erm, I'm gonna gnaw at a baguette the whole day and save up the money for a nice bag.

So, here's some info on what we ate, and a guide to prices you can expect at cafes and restaurants in Paris.

1. CAFEs 
(we stopped at at least 3 - 4 a day)
These are lovely experiences.
To sit on the sidewalk and people watch,
while sipping on espresso (mine) and latte (his) and orange juice (ours). 
On average, we spent approx 10-15 euros each pop.
(espressos cost 2.30 euros, lattes 3 euros, orange juice 4.50 euro)

2. Lunch at Cafe Cassette, Saint Germaine
This was our first meal, and it was very very very very good. 
I had the ravioli, while Super Hubs had the rumpsteak (if you've been following, you'll prob realise by now that William usually orders 2 things from the menu. Entrecote or rump steak. I'm the adventurous one). 
Cost us 60 euros. 
17 for my ravioli. 25 for his rump steak. 14 for two bottles of evian and 4 for a latte (his). 

* Tip I learnt AFTER coming back to Luxembourg. If you prefer, restaurants in Paris actually have table (tap) water (unlike Luxembourg). You can save 7 to 10 euros when you order that instead of mineral water. 

3. Supper at La Rouge, Champs Elysees
Now this meal, I did not want to have. 
It was almost 1am when we got there and I was thinking it wouldn't harm us to go to bed slightly hungry so I would have some shopping money for the next day. 
But Super Hubby was insistent, and looking at his hardworking and skinny frame which seemed to lack nutrition, I had no choice but to give in. 
This huge platter of fresh seafood (12 oysters, 6 prawns, 12 mussels, 12 clams etc etc) cost us 49 euros each.
So, add in my Evian and Boo's beer and we had ourselves a 110 euro bill. For supper.
It was yummy and sitting on Champs Elysees at midnight watching the night owls go by was such a treat. 

4. Lunch at Auberge de la Reine Blanche, Illes St Louis
THIS was an absolutely perfect lunch. 
I think one of my favourite areas in Paris is Illes St Louis. 
Situated right next to the Notre Dame, the whole area has a quiet and charming bustle on Saturdays, when Parisians and tourists alike flock there for brunches.
The weather was perfect, people smiling, food amazing. 
I grinned like a cheshire cat the entire time. 
I had a huge pot of Moules Frittes (Mussels and Fries), which was the plate of the day and only cost 12 euro, while Boo had his (surprise, surprise) entrecote with fries and a goat cheese salad (29 euro for a set).
Including my Evian and Boo's two beers, bill came up to 70 euro.

**Mi, we are coming back here. You'll love it. Daddy, PaoPei, Don, Kesh, Bryan, come also la... SO NICE oh!!!
5. Best Ice Cream, Berthillon, Illes St Louis
This was heaven. Truly truly one of the best ice creams I have ever ever ever had. 
Aunty Terri, I didn't try the sorbets since you said it wasn't good, and William said the creme ones: Noissette (nuts) and Salty Caramel were his favourites, so we had that. 
2.60 euro per scoop.

*wish we came here every day when we were there

6. Dinner at La Societe, St Germaine
This was filled with very cool and trendy and chic and elegant people, so I was too shy to take pictures. 
These pics are sourced off the internet to show you the interior.
Finding the place was not easy, as it was literally like a hidden VIP club. 
In fact, the whole experience felt like being a part of a very exclusive society.
For me, the food was good but not great. Very average bistro quality. But what it lacked in fine cuisine, it made up for with the ambiance, deco, cheeky yet elegant service, bustling atmosphere (every single table was taken) and was the quintessential (yuppie) Paris experience. 
I had a good time.  

We had caipirinha (mine) and white wine (his) for aperitifs, 
escargot (mine) and tuna carpaccio (his) for starters, 
grilled chicken breast (mine) and steak!!! (who else) for mains, 
a red wine (his) and Evian (mine) for drinks.
No dessert.

Total bill was 120 euro. (They offered us the aperitifs for free because they made us move tables, so otherwise, it would have cost us 150)
*Reservations are necessary especially on weekends. 

7. Villa D'Or, Place d'Italie in the 13th arrondissement (aka Chinatown)
Before coming to Paris, I told Super Hubby over and over again that I wanted REAL Chinese food, something that I cannot at all find in Luxembourg. 
So, on our last day in Paris, he brought me to his fave Chinese restaurant in Chinatown for lunch. He used to come here weekly when he was living here, and said it got so packed at nights because it is one of the best Chinese restaurants in the whole of Paris. 
The signs outside were testament to that. 

*Sidenote before I get into the food. The staff there all remembered William from years ago, and were delighted to find out that he had married a Malaysian. One of the old waiters is from Brickfields and has been working in the restaurant for more than 10 years. The rest are from all over South East Asia. 

Ahhh... just seeing keropok made my mouth water. And the keropok was perfect! 
We had deep fried duck tongue seasoned with salt and pepper for starters (William's all time fave) and it was very very delish.

You see that glistening bowl of goodness on the left? That was mine, all mine!
Kueh Chap - pork intestines and coagulated blood and smooth slices of broad kuey teow.
So good my mouth is watering as I type this. 
I was so happy with this I ignored William's roast duck, and was slightly disappointed with my claypot chicken feet.  

Total Price: 51 euro (including mineral water and a beer)

*This was a super good and authentic Chinese restaurant. And it was almost Malaysian-style, the way I like it. The owner is Chinese Cambodian.

8. Pastries from Paul's Bakery (found everywhere in Paris)
 In the three days that we were in Paris, you see how we were eating so much at restaurants. So much so that as we were at the train station waiting for the train back to Luxembourg, I realised I did not manage to have a single croissant, pain au chocolat, mille feuilles, tarte... NOTHING. The horror!

So I did the next best thing and went to Paul, which was the only decent bakery at the train station and grabbed these things to satisfy my needs.

It was ok. It was just Paul. We even had it in Shanghai. But it was sufficient.

Total cost for those 3 items above: 5.20 euro. 

So that was my foodie adventure in Paris.

Now, it's crunch time for both my flabby tummy and skinny bank account :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

J'adore Paris


Just feeling the name of the city roll off my lips gives me tingles.

And telling people, "When I was in Paris last week, I ... (insert one of the many wonderful experiences here) ..." makes me smile like a schoolgirl talking about my secondary school crush who looked at me and said hi in the hallway. *heehee*

Paris is enchanting, lovely, charming, and so so so effortlessly chic. She is the perfect lady who every man would love to love and who every woman would love to be.

And for the record, it's not true that Parisians are nasty and rude. At least not now. It seems they have improved a great deal over the past 5 years.

We were greeted with sweet, hearty and smiley "Bonjours!" not just when going into a restaurant or shop - but even when walking along the streets, shopkeepers tending to their stuff outside would just wave and say hi, and passerbys walking their dogs would smile and quietly say "bonjour". And how sweetly they would try to speak English when they realized I couldn't speak (though Super Hubby did come to my rescue many times, you must applaud them for trying).

It was so endearing that (Super Hubby can attest to this, albeit exasperatingly) I skipped around humming:
"When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie
That's amore
When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine
That's amore
Bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling..."

And yes, I am aware it's actually a song about Napoli in Italy, but I can't help what song I felt like at that time, can I?

And the architecture!

Eiffel Tower. The Louvre.  Arc du Triomphe. Opera Garnier. Notre Dame. The beauty of it all. Trying to capture the magnificence with my little digital camera seemed so pointless. But I still did pose in front of 'em to show "I was here!"

Before I left for the weekend, the peeps in Luxembourg gave me the addresses for their favourite spots in Paris and also told me, don't stress out with a program, and "just walk around and feel the city". These are lovely people who've traveled all around the world in style, with Paris remaining one of their fave cities in the world, and who often go back every few months.

Now, I know why.

The city is alive and bursting with elegance and pride. You could see that everyone was proud to be here. And it was a beautiful kind of pride, I felt. Tourists and businessmen from around the world, shopkeepers, students, Parisians... everyone walking around just so happy to be in this proud and beautiful city. Or maybe it was just me in my blissful glee.

We walked around, stopped and sat at millions of cafes and ate at trillions of restaurants, and spent gazillions of euros on stuff that I peed and pooped out, instead of shopping! (I will not complain, I will not complain, I will not complain)

I experienced a Parisian weekend through Super Hubby who used to live here for five years, and found out that the Parisians spend a lot of their money on food and drink, and could spend hours at a brasserie eating a leisurely brunch, drinking their coffees, sipping their wines, munching their croissants.

And although there were sales going on, you could see that the people doing most of the shopping were tourists (I was quite jealous of them buying like mad), while the Parisians were content to be at their cafes and whatnots, just sitting and chatting.

So while I do think back to all the missed 'buys' that I could have had (I only ended up with 2 dresses, 2 shoes and a bag), I am glad that Super Hubby dragged me away from the shops and I managed to see (and eat through) so much of my current most favourite city in the world.

Three days was definitely not enough. I'll be back soon, Paris, my dear love. And mi, you're coming with me! :)

Next up, food in Paris.