Friday, September 30, 2011

The view

From my new home
Guess where?

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I promise, there's a valid reason for my absence... :)
Will be back soon with exciting news.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Silence of the lamb

I keep a very low profile when huge changes are going on in my life.
So, as you can see from the lack of posts in the past two months, MANY life changing things are happening at this point. I can't share much here now, but thought I should at least document the bits and pieces of the past two months in my recent very colourful life as I turn 32 today.
Yes, I've turned 32. It's a little scary when I look at that number, but I can honestly say I still feel 21. Young, gawky and oh-so optimistic.
Anyway, come what may, here's to blue skies, rainbows and happily ever afters for me, Beyonce, and everyone else born today. :p
And to all of you reading, thanks so much for being a part of my journey - literally or virtually, you're all so very appreciated :)

Circa Aug 2011. The Malaysian Buddy Bear in Berlin. The Buddy Bears were 'born' and founded in Berlin. Countries from all over the world paint and decorate their respective bears, and then the bears go on tour all over the world promoting unity and solidarity. They've been in all five continents and are now back in Berlin. I was so excited when I managed to catch the bears on a recent trip to Berlin again, and went in alphabetical order to look at each and every single bear. I saw all bears from America to Zimbabwe, but could not find the Malaysian Bear. To say I was disappointed is really a gross understatement. Then one fine day as we were driving past the Malaysian Embassy in Berlin, I see this boy standing in front of it all alone, far far away from all his friends. I was thrilled and took this picture, but to this day still wonder why in the world does our Buddy Bear stand in solitude whilst all the other Buddy Bears are all together so happily, promoting world unity?

Circa Aug 2011. Friends in Phnom Penh. It's a small, mixed up world. In a table of 4 people, blood, cultures and ties of Cambodian, French, Moroccan, Malaysian, Filipino, Chinese, Lebanese, Scottish, Luxembourgish and Portugese are represented.

Circa Aug 2011.
I love love. 'Nuff said :)

Circa Aug 2011. Included in this post just cos (I think) I look pensive and reflective.

 Circa Aug 2011. Berlin Streets. And I love my tee.
Circa July 2011. Super daddy at one of our lovely dimsum jaunts at home/

Circa July 2011. I heart tom yum mee hoon. Despite the terrifying MSG aftermath, I still salivate looking at this pic. I've said this before but I'll say it again. Yum yum tom yum :)

Circa July 2011. At our fave sui-jiow and wo-tie shop.

Circa July 2011. I love this pic. Shiny shiny star bright.

Circa July 2011. Coconut water on a hot afternoon after a massive MSG attack = life saver.

 Circa July 2011. Pan Mien at my current fave kopitiam in KK.  Love good food and leisurely breakfasts with Super Mi and my Sario clan.

Circa July 2011. Le final Harry Potter in 3D. So sad it's over and they're all grown up now.

Circa July 2011. When I played model and caught up with all my beloved old friends.

Circa July 2011. Camhoring, and caught red handed by the reflection of our sunglasses.

 Circa July 2011. Reminiscent of a breezy and perfectly lovely sunset experience @ Sunset Bar.

 Circa Aug 2011. Cousins reunited in Luxembourg.
 Circa July 2011. Woai my sisters. So dearly. 

 Circa July 2011. An almost perfect long haul flight (when unable to fly on Business or First) = emergency exit seats, funny socks, flight blankie, thrashy magazine and hubby's shoulder to sleep on.

Circa Aug 2011. Another one of the one I love most ardently, my most exemplary vegetable (inside joke).

 Circa August 2011. Trees in a Luxembourg Park. Birds chirping, kids laughing, slight breeze, blue skies. Pure bliss.

 Circa Aug 2011. Corn on cob at a friend's BBQ session on a cool Luxembourgish summer evening. Days like these make me feel so so blessed.

Circa Aug 2011. How I ended up in the Museum of Video Games in Berlin. A story for another time.

 Circa Aug 2011. Card games with Luxembourgish besties. Stress. Fun. All rolled in one.
Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom.
Everyday of my life.

And this pic is here just cos I love my dress so much. :) :) :)