Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SUMMER IN PARIS and sales in the city

*so excited*

Paris this weekend.

The anticipation is killing me.

AND the famed sales just started today.

Mi, I bet you wish you were here RIGHT NOW!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Never too hot for curry

Summer is officially in town.

Yesterday, the sun was out and shining so brightly, and my body immediately went into an intense craving for some good ol Indian food. (remember my most fave Nirwana in Bangsar? And Raju's in PJ? How I used to slurp and sweat in the sweltering heat so happily?)

So, with the help of google, I tracked down what was said to be "the best" Indian food in Luxembourg, and dragged Super Hubby to accompany me. His insistence of "It's too hot for curry!" was met with my very pitiful "but i want to..." And who can say no to my insistent nagging sweet pleas?

Address and number for anyone who's interested.

It was very very very satisfactory. I had the Dal, which I banjir-ed my rice with (8.50 euros), and Boo had the Garlic Chicken Curry (15 euros), and Paratha (3 euros), and we both shared a Raita (5 euros). The servings were also good, and I had enough to tapao home for my dinner.

And some water to wash it all down (5 euros).

My sweet date.

p/s. Internet at home is down, and I am back at the hotel office. Argh!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

So shy

Today we were at the supermarket, and whilst shopping for meat, I excitedly ran to Super Hubby holding a huge portion of beef that was only 3 euros, and was exactly like the beef I used to buy in Shanghai, with tendons and all.

I said, "Woohoo! I have Chinese meat that I can make braised beef with! And so cheap!"

Super Hubby inspected it, and doubled up with laughter.

He could hardly control himself as he showed me the label: "The description in French says 'Meat for Animals'!"

 I'm never going to live this down.

Don't Waste!

Last Saturday, Super Hubby and I went to the bi-weekly market in the Center.

I was so excited to see rows and rows of fruit and already mentally planning my blog post to brag (to mummy and daddy) about the wonderful plums and cherries and peaches and apricots that I would be eating.

So, we bought a kilo worth of cherries (so sweet and juicy), and another kilo worth of apricots and plums. The minute they handed us our purchases, I took out a plum, and happily bit into it. My smile turned into an involuntary frown. IT WAS SO FREAKING SOUR!

The apricot was the same, and I was devastated! It was supposed to be my diet for the next few days (been overloading on too much rich food and thought I'd detox with fruits and veges).

Anyway, to cut the long story short (and spare you my mental overdrive), my insistence on not throwing away and wasting the fruits led me to a very interesting discovery and creation of my own: Sugar, olive oil and kikkoman soy sauce is perfect as a salad dressing, especially for fruits. 

All you need to do is chop up a bowl of juicy sour fruits, toss them with a small teaspoon of sugar so it coats every piece slightly. Then pour in the mixture of (one tablespoon of Kikkoman and 2 tablespoons of olive oil) dressing, and you have yourself and very very very delish  and appetizing salad which goes well with everything.

Two of the four meals I had with the 1 kilo of fruits. 

I might be off to get myself more fruit today. Hopefully, they're sour!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Luxembourg's National Day and Trier in Germany

Yesterday was Luxembourg's biggest party in the year to celebrate their National Day and the birthday of the Grand Duke Jean de Luxembourg on the 23rd June.

I decided to brave the crowds despite being warned that it would NOT be particularly exciting if I wasn't drunk out of my mind, and 16 years old.

So I gathered my tiny troop (William was working), and we headed to the center at 9.30pm. I tell you, it was packed, and all notions of Luxembourg being a tame, boring city was quickly dispelled when I saw the throngs of people clogging the streets and dancing away to the tunes of whatever music was at the corner, beer bottles strewn everywhere, the stench of marijuana permeating the air, drunken teenagers falling over their feet... it was WILD!

The wildness was understandable since it IS the one night where they get to go crazy. But what was a bit shocking to me was the fact that there were so many children there as well. Tiny tots pushed around in prams, 5-year olds holding on to their parents and looking lost... And the amount of very very very very drunk kids - who looked all of 12 years old!

I am sorry to disappoint and have no further party pictures because we three boring girls found ourselves a quiet corner away from the crowd, and talked about children (to have or not to have) and travels whilst waiting for the fireworks show slated for 11.30pm.

(1 pint of beer 4.50 euro, 1 small bottle of coke 2.50 euro) 

The fireworks were spectacular and worth the wait, though next year I'm going to take the Super Bosses' offer and stay at the room in the hotel with a view instead of going into town.


So because of the celebrations, today is a public holiday, meaning Super Hubby's off!

I decided to drag him out of Luxembourg to visit Trier (in neighbouring Germany), which I went once before and liked a lot because it was a small bustling, busy town on the weekdays (everything is closed on Sundays).

Trying to be artistic while waiting for the train.
The train ride costs 8.40euros per person (return), for a 40-minute ride. Cheap!

The station, and the beautiful views on the train.

Some old structure which is probably very important cos there were tour buses and tons of tourists snapping pictures. I couldn't be bothered to find out what it was cos I was starving.

William with his makan. 
Rump steak with fries (perfectly done) and a goat cheese salad (which he said was disgusting), 
and which I finished to avoid wastage (as usual).
Now you see why he's so skinny and I'm so....

My absolutely perfect and delicious liver and blood sausage with potatoes and onions, German-style. 
So good!

Total Damage: 44.10 euro for all the food, 1 radler (beer with lemonade), 1 large bottle of mineral water (which was more expensive than the beer), and 1 latte machiato. 
Germany is definitely cheaper than Luxembourg.

We ended up not doing any sightseeing cos we were distracted by the sales signs everywhere, and because William has no summer clothes at all. Here are our spoils after 2 hours, as we waited for the train to get back to Luxembourg in time to cook dinner and watch the 8pm match. 

Trains between Luxembourg and Trier run every hour, so it was extremely convenient.

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dream now, dream often, dream always

I was walking home today with a veryyyyy big bag full of groceries from the supermarket 15 minutes away and grumbling in my head about the fact that getting about in Luxembourg was not as easy as, say, Shanghai where cabs were cheap and aplenty, or KL where I had a car.

The grumble didn't last for long, because I was suddenly taken aback by the beauty of the day while mentally planning what to cook for lunch. It was sunny, slightly breezy, the air was crisp, and just so fresh. And a thought hit me. Gosh, I'm living in Luxembourg!

So much has happened in the past two years, but I think I'm only realizing how much my life has changed right now.

Exactly 2 years ago, I was still in KL. A corporate slave, having a super time with awesome friends, always busy. It was a good life, but I was somehow always looking for something else. At that time, I dreamt of living abroad, of adventures, of love, of new experiences. I had no idea how that was going to happen, but I just knew I wanted to feel excited again.

 *my super job in KL

Out of the blue, a job opportunity came from Shanghai. So many people told me I was making a mistake, that it was crazy to leave behind the career that I had in DiGi. Despite the objections and shock that I was leaving, I knew that I had to do what I felt I had to do, and I thank god that while they disagreed with me, those who mattered still loved me in spite of my choice.

*selling my precious clothes at a flea market before I left KL

So I headed to Shanghai, with no clue of what to expect. I was lost and dejected for quite some time after I arrived. But told myself to hang on, and just take each day as it comes. Of course it helped that I had people back home egging me on, and telling me to make the most of my decision.

Let me tell you what happened. My job brought me to the Chinese entertainment industry hubs of HK, Beijing and TaiPei. I met Kobe Bryant. Daniel Wu. Stephen Foong. Quincy Jones. Clive Owens. Shu Qi. Christy Chung. Thomas Sabo... the list went on. I was even photographed by paparazzi after a night out. Even thinking back now, it still feels all very dream-like.

*life with the famous

Better still, I made some amazing friends I adore with all my heart. And most importantly, I met the love of my life. I remember writing in my journal a month after I arrived in Shanghai about the kind of love I was looking for and how I would not settle for any less. I had no idea where I'd find this man. But somehow, I got what I asked for. And so, this commitment-phobe got married. :) *mA*

*mon ange super

Then, as dreams MUST change in the course your life, for me, life in Shanghai got a bit too much. The glitz and the glamour was wonderful for a bit, but being a kampung girl at heart, I started wishing for a quality life. I wanted peace. I wanted joy and happiness. I dreamt and wished hard for a quiet and still fulfilling life with Hubby, and of course, in the midst of our busy lives in Shanghai, I had no idea how I was going to get that.

And out of the blue... here I am, living in Luxembourg.

I guess the point of this post is, I realize today, more than ever, how beautiful life is, and no matter what problems there seems to be at any point of the day, life right now is exactly as it is meant to be, and that I'm living out a dream I had at one point in the past, at this very moment.

Of course, I'll always still wish for more. And right now, I'd really really love to have a fun super job that I'd be excited to wake up for and pay me enough to afford super holidays and presents for my Super Sarios and Super Hubby. I also want to be able to spend more time with the people I love especially since they're so far away.

*ma famille super

I have no idea how that's gonna happen either, but I'll just continue wishing while I take stock and appreciate the beauty of my simple dream life right now.

So, dream my loved ones. The best dreams always come true. Those that don't are dreams that aren't good enough for you.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Auberge de La Gaichel

Yesterday, Marc arrived from Corsica.

So, today, we brought them for a welcome/ Father's day lunch at the Auberge de La Gaichel, a restaurant on the border of Brussels and Luxembourg.

It was a super duper lunch,
and this restaurant's gonna be part of my must-go's for anyone who visits me here!

So quaint and homey.

Very fabulous bread and William's entree that I gobbled down.

This was what all of us had. A thick, beautiful and hearty slab of meat each.
The main reason why I'll be going back again.
The Luxembourgish Entrecote de Bouef, served with champignon sauce and frites (fries). 

Rating: Two thumbs up 
Price: 174.50 euro (For 5 beef sets, 1 cheese salad, 1 bacon and goat cheese salad, 1 large bottle of still water, 1 coca cola, 1 bottle of rose, 5 coffees)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yo Mans!

I have the most Super Daddy in the entire world.

Funny, smart, loving, kind, incredibly generous, charming... the list goes on. Everyone who meets him goes on and on and on about how amazing my daddy is, and how super lucky I am to have such a wonderful man as my father. I proudly agree.

Now, Daddy, I know you'd be slightly shy for me to be publicly mushy and emo about my adoration for you, but it's Father's Day, and being so far away, I can't help it. I want to scream from the top of my lungs how much I love you and miss you with an ache so bad and want to give you the biggest bear hug and plant kisses on your cheeks, RIGHT NOW!

I know I'm married and all, but you'll always and forever be my number one man and hero.

Now, faster come to my part of the world so we can rock Europe Sario style!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Environmentally Friendly

Today, we got our electricity bill.

The amount we have to pay for 2 weeks is.................

(drum roll now)

32 EURO!

There is NO air cond. And we're not even home that often. And we wash our clothes once a week. And we have no dryer. I even switch off the lights after I come out of the toilet. How in the world did the bill come up to 32 euro for two weeks???

And how much is the bill going to be when we have to depend on the heating system in the winter when it is below 10 degrees?!?!

So, I have been forced decided to be environmentally friendly from this day on.

And I went on the internet to look for tips on how to conserve electricity and do my part in saving my money the planet.

Here are some that I am practicing as of this minute onwards:
1. Unplug chargers once mobile phones are not charging
2. Changing all my lightbulbs to 70% energy saving bulbs
3. Unplugging all electrical devices that are not in use. This includes my microwave, TV, laptop and lamps.
4. Be incredibly charming so I get invited out ALL the time, and don't have to use any electricity at home.

this pic has nothing to do with the post. 
But there was no other pic that depicted the way I feel right now.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Me Schme

I was inspired reading this: a surefire method for experiencing joy

So, I've decided to start experiencing joy with this little exercise suggested in there:
Try this experiment -- the next time you have a conversation with a good friend, do not use the words "I", "me" or "my". This simple device prevents your from expressing your opinion and many are astonished both by how difficult it is and by how much the depth of listening goes up when you are no longer preoccupied by thinking of what you are going to say. Now try another experiment. Try living for a week in an "other centered" universe. In this universe others are not put in this world to serve your needs so you cannot legitimately get frustrated by the elderly lady ahead of you on the checkout lane who takes forever to put her change away or the stout man who stands in the aisle of the plane blocking you while he removes his magazine from his bag and tries vainly to stow it in an overhead bin that is patently too crammed to accept it. 

I tried it out last night at dinner with some journalists, and believe me, it was soooOooOooOoooo hard, but felt really good as well cos I wasn't focused on how I looked or appeared with my witty comments and charming self, but was concentrating on what they were saying and staying very present in the moment instead.

I'll let you know how it goes, cos I'll give myself this blog to still let me talk about myself. :) My week of "other centred-ness" will be dedicated to the residents of Luxembourg.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Style mesti ada

For the launch of the restaurant, a new friend who owns a cambodian couture showroom decided to loan me some dresses.

I was filled with so much joy! I mean, I loved everything in her store! Trying to narrow down three to wear was so freaking difficult. Everything I tried on fit me like a glove, and made me feel like a million bucks. I loved the Asian influences, with the European cuts and attention to detail. So elegant, so subtle, and the material, so luxurious!

So, here's me in my loaned dresses. Each costing approx 250 to 400 euros, designer: Romyda Keth.

We have a problem now. I think I'm getting used to wearing expensive stuff. Somehow, they seem to fit me better.


Sundays are Super

Today was a very nice day.

The sun was finally out after a week of rain. (by the way, summer does not seem to show signs of showing up. The weather teases me by appearing warm for ONE day, then as I move out my summery florals, I suddenly am forced to cover my pretty self up with my hideous black jacket again to avoid getting frostbite).

The past two weeks I have been stubborn though. Even knowing that the temperature will most probably drop to less than 10 degrees at night, I still insist on wearing cottons and jerseys and singlets when I step out of the house. I mean, it's SUPPOSED to be summer, dammit. I do carry the huge jacket in my huge bag though, just in case.

Anyway, the weather today was SUPER! So I looked cute ;)

And we decided to check out Remich, a small and pretty commune in Luxembourg with a river about 20 minutes away from the city centre.
We took a walk, took some pictures, and took off back home. 
It wasn't very exciting, yet I guess quite exciting by Luxembourg standards. 
There were actually lotsa cars and people!!!! And even a small little traffic jam!!! 

At home, we did the family thing, and while Super Hubby cleaned! the apartment, I cooked, 
and we managed to have dinner just before the Germany vs Australia match started. 
William was very pleased with the 4-0 score. 
(by the way, my salad dressing was in my opinion very very very delish. 
I used avacado, maggi soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and some sugar.)

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Just wanted to say I love you, my beloved super family and friends who I miss every single day...

:) I'm just hoping you love yourself as much as I love you :)

"Loving others starts with loving myself. If you don't love yourself, nobody else will. Not only that- you won't be good at loving anyone else. Loving starts with the self." - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Of angelicism

Last weekend, for the launch of the restaurant, Super Hubby's mum and bf drove in from Biarritz to Luxembourg.

Since William was busy with his prep on Saturday, I took on the role of the super daughter-in-law, and brought them around town.

We can hardly communicate, (she only speaks French, and I only speak English), so we had to rely on Jean Marie (her bf) for translation. He's an amazingly nice man, and therefore, we had very positive and smiley conversations.

We didn't have much time, so I brought them to the town centre for a walkabout (there was the weekly Saturday market going on).

And then we headed back to the hotel for the dinner launch (which I blogged about before). And then on Sunday, we had a small family lunch with William before they drove back to France. 

Basically, the point of this post is just to say I like my mother-in-law, because at the end, she told William to treat me very well, because if he doesn't they're gonna keep me and not him! 

And she also looked at me lovingly to say William is so lucky to have such gentle, sweet angel as his wife. *SMUG*

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I made beef tartare!

I fell in love with beef tartare here in Luxembourg because the meat is so fresh (I guess premium prices does mean you get premium quality), and beef tartare being raw beef is based on having super good quality beef.

However, my love for it was making me slightly poorer. I mean, a main course here typically costs approximately 25 euros. So, whenever I wanted beef tartare, I had to fork out at least 25 euros, and frankly, I can't love something THAT much.

Then, I had a ta-da moment. I have my own super chef who makes super beef tartares, so why couldn't I get him to teach me?

And the ta-da moment got even better when he said it was super easy to do!

So, here I present the beef tartare I made with only some verbal instructions from my super chef as he got ready to go to work.

Beef Tartare
1 portion raw minced beef (150 grams)
1/2 red onion (chopped)
4 small gherkins (chopped)
10 capers (chopped)
1 tablespoon mustard
2 tablespoons olive oil
A splash of tabasco sauce (according to taste)
A splash of worchestershire sauce (according to taste)
Some salt and pepper (according to taste)

You basically just mix everything in with the raw beef, 
and adjust the condiments according to what you like. 

While you're mashing everything up, you can (like me) fry some french fries. 
Or you can also eat it with a baguette if you want to be healthier. 
Tastes good with either one. 
I just felt like french fries that day.  

And voila! U have a wonderful plate of beef tartare. 

This is a no-fail recipe. Trust me. It was so good, I felt confident enough to serve it to my friend Ms. Z (who is also a beef tartare fan and expert) today, and she ate up every single bit, proclaiming it to be the best beef tartare she ever had! :)

See, if I can make it, you can too. 

Oh, and the total cost? Just approximately 4 euros per meal! Sure beats paying 25 euro for a beef tartare that isn't even as good as mine!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cepat dimasak, sedap dimakan

So this post is about food.

I normally eat out for lunch and dinner. Been lucky enough to have the hotel as my mainstay makan place the past few weeks, and most of the time, I get to eat with the S's and their guests. Other times, people have been kind enough to take me out for very nice dinners and I've amassed quite a few favourite places in Luxembourg that you all will enjoy when you come visit (not so subtle hint).

But this post is not about that kind of food. I still am too high class shy to take my camera out and snap away when we dine out, so you will have to come and see how good the food is when you come here yourself. :)

This post is about two of my very yummy 5-minute meals done in my very anything goes east meets west innovative style of cooking because here in Luxembourg, you can find quite a bit of Asian food stuff. Not everything necessary, but enough to be able to improvise.


Meal #1: Kon Low Kuey Teow

1 portion of Thai Flat Rice Noodles
3 teaspoon sambal olek
1 tablespoon thai garlic chili sauce
3 tablespoons olive oil

Cooking time:
3 minutes

 the condiments

 First, boil the kuey teow

 While the noodles are cooking, mix the condiments to make the sauce

And voila! Makan time!
I tell you, it may look like nothing, but it sure rivals a lot of the Asian food I have had here! 
Sooooooo good!


Meal #2: Cream Pasta Ala Sambal Olek 
 (You will find a lot of Sambal Olek in my diet until Mummy comes visit and brings me the real thing - Sambal Chili Padi Sabah!)

1 portion penne pasta
3 tomatoes
2 onions
1 tablespoon butter
A dollop of fresh cream
1 tablespoon Sambal Olek

Cooking time: 15 minutes

The other stuff with my trusty sambal olek

First, you boil the tomatoes. 
(While the tomatoes are boiling, faster chop up the onions)
**Note that I cooked this using only one pot, and I'll tell you how

Then, you take the tomatoes out of the pot, put some salt and olive oil in the water that boiled the tomatoes, and put the pasta into that same water and pot that boiled the tomatoes...
you see how much water and gas I'm saving?

While the pasta is boiling, you peel the skin of the tomatoes mash them up, place them next to the onions, and wait for the pasta to be al dente.

Then, you drain the pasta and quickly rinse the (same) pot, and put the butter in the pot and start to saute the onions. After the onions are soft, you put in the tomatoes and sambal olek, bring it to boil, and let it simmer for about 5 minutes.

Then, you pour in the cream. 
Then, the pasta.

 And again, Voila! 

I'm so easy to please!