Sunday, October 9, 2011

Onboard the Russian Destroyer - Admiral Panteleyev

So, when I was visiting Phnom Penh recently, three Russian Navy ships bound for a mission in Somalia made a stop at the docks of Sihanoukville. My friend, who is, like, super duper important, was invited by the Russian Military to visit the monster Destroyer. Lucky me got to tag along. and behold are some very cool pictures of me on this nuclear powered machine.
I can't really give you a good commentary as our guide had a very thick Russian accent, and I was more concerned about not tripping and falling and getting good photos than listening to military talk. I can tell you though that the four round things (numbered 1,2,3,4) are one of the many nuclear weapons onboard. And the chair I was sitting in was the Captain's chair, and the men aboard the boat were not going to see land for the next 6 months as they parole the straits of Somalia for pirate activities. Oh, and that pic of me squished between two men whilst grinning awkwardly? On the left's the Russian Military General or Colonel to Cambodia, and on the right's the Captain of the ship.
The rest, je ne sais pas. I so would not be a good spy.



  1. Oh my god Heather, i have the same maxi dress!! :O :D

  2. The coolest thing is your "resort look" with the nice long dress and flip flops at the helm and near the big guns!

  3. haven't been here in a while n your're both looking seriously hot! n tt pendant--why, it's beautiful!
    btw, where is your mom? i left msg, i called house n handphone but she's ignoring me. what have i done wrong again? wish she'd tell me.