Sunday, May 30, 2010


The second blog posting today!!!!!!

So, I get home from the hotel's office after painstakingly posting my post (below) with all the pictures of our new home. (Make sure you scroll down and read that post ah, it took me hours to take the pics and edit them)

Then, I realize I can somehow steal borrow wireless from someone in my neighborhood! This is revolutionary! That means I can skype with you all at home! (If the kindly neighbor continues to leave his/her wireless unprotected).

Anway, back to some backdated pictures of my life here in Luxembourg.

Last Sunday, at the town center, at one of the very few restaurants open on a Sunday.

Again, food nothing to shout out loud about. Actually, quite bad. But also maybe it's cos I'm becoming a snobby chef's wife :p But no, really, the beef tartare at this place was disgusting. I think they even used tomato ketchup! And I love ALL kinds of beef tartare. This was just too badly done. William's steak was better, it seems.
(sidenote: I love beef tartare so much, I'm gonna try to make it next week. William's recipe sounds easy enough, and I've got a tiny little blender for the olives and capers and onions, then I'm gonna use my hands to mix it with the raw minced beef. If it's a success, you'll be hearing about it!)

Total damage: 55 euros

Streets of Luxembourg. Taken just to show you how quiet the roads are on Sundays. Not that it's much busier on weekdays. But Sundays are q-u-i-e-t.

There ARE tons of people hanging out at the parks, though. And Gandhi's very much loved here.

Here's us on another quiet day, going out for a walk. Mi-ah, you see, the yellow bag's back in season and I've been using it everyday!

And to conclude this random blog post and randomer pictures, I present the salads I have been making :)

So you see, you all will have healthy food to eat when you come visit! 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Super Sunday

For my first Sunday in Luxembourg, William told me I had a surprise, and was to wake up early.

Now, after a longggggg day of art the day before, I was not happy about having to leave my bed anytime before noon. But looking at his expectant and eager eyes, I knew I had to not be a grouch so instead, said 'yay!' happily.

So, I wake up at 9am on Sunday to my darling husband jumping happily and saying that he had planned a trip for us.

Without further ado. I present to you TONS of pictures of my very very very very very very awesome Sunday date with my very awesome husband.

This is our super ride.

We were again blessed with amazing weather, and it was so nice to skip around like little kids.

Our first main stop was lunch at this very popular restaurant, hidden in the forests, which took us 2 hours to find, even with GPS. Seems we were only 2 minutes away from it when we were at the meadow (above). But because we took a different turn, we ended up here HOURS later instead. 

Very hungry, and very grumpy (me) waiting for our food, which took another 1 1/2 hours to appear.

Finally, it was here, and we dug in like cavemen. The food was nice. We had: 1 glass of wine, 1 coffee, 1 (still) water, 1 goat cheese salad, 2 steaks. Total damage: 75 euro.

We decided after lunch to take a drive to a park, and from the GPS, found one with a lake. Little did we know, we'd end up  in Belgium! :) And the said lake was man-made, with tons of people doing sport fishing, which was interesting to watch.

After the lake in Belgium, we came back to Luxembourg and found ourselves a proper park. I love the parks here! Birds chirping, air so crisp! We fell asleep on the benches. 

After the park, we went back to the hotel for a shower and change for our final stop and big date at a 1-Michelin star restaurant, Toit pour Toi ( ). I loved the deco of the place! So beautiful, with candles everywhere. I was too shy to take pictures of the food. It was an amazing date night just hanging with my husband. 

Now, I wonder what he's gonna do for me next Sunday? *wink*

Monday, May 10, 2010

Artsy Fartsy

The good thing about living in Luxembourg is its proximity to many other countries.

Most people who live here travel across the borders every weekend because they can, and because nothing is open here on Saturdays and Sundays.

For my first Saturday here, I got lucky and was offered to join in on a trip organized by a Countess to visit neighbouring Cologne, Germany for a tour of an auction house and later the Ludwig Museum, which now houses the world's third largest Picasso collection.

So I set off at 8am with a bus load full of French + German speaking people, together with my new-found friend Z, who is also a newcomer in Luxembourg. She's a Slovakian who spent the past 13 years in the US, and is tons of fun.

 Miss Z.

Now, everyone who knows me should know I (somewhat) like art, but definitely NOT classical art or whatever they call this. As luck would have it, the auction house's upcoming sale was a collection of not-my-kinda-art. But it was still a good experience to walk around and see the very rich people (who were in my bus) looking at the pieces and booking them and doing all the things that rich people do. We two girls ended up outside soaking in the sun, and giggling away at stupid things.

A sample of the artwork on display. The man here is the owner of the Van Ham auction house.

 You all would also know too that I love my reflection, and so was pretending to be very interested in this piece of furniture while actually trying to take a picture of myself in the mirror. Also for your information, this desk is estimated at 60,000 to 80,000 euros.

Then we headed off to lunch where I was again too shy to take pictures, but I must mention that it was a superb buffet with wild rice and curry and dal! I like! Oh, price: 27 euro.

Afterwards, we were off to the Museum. While I'm not a fan of Picasso, I must say I was excited to see pieces of his REAL work. Also exciting was the fact that there was a huge collection of Russian Avant-Garde, Surrealism and Expressionism on show, and THAT, I like!

We weren't allowed bags or cameras in the museum, so I can't show you what it was like. But I did manage to sneak two shots from my camera phone of what i could when the guards were not looking my way. (See what I do for you people I love?)

stolen shots

All in all, it was an education. I still don't understand Picasso, and think that people make too much of his lines and circles. And there was also this thing that bugged me. It was from some artist, and was all a single shade of BLUE, and justified to be a piece that represented experiential infinity. Seriously.

But there were some pieces that I could just stand there and look at for the longest time. And I wish we had more than two hours there, so I could slowly trawl the place and read the explanations, whether to snigger in disbelief, or nod my head in agreement.

At 6pm, I said goodbye to Cologne, and trundled on the bus very tired, but slightly more cultured.

Total journey time: 3 hours per way.
Museum tickets: 6.50 euro per person.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mi Ah!

It's Mother's Day today, and I'm here 1,000,000 miles away from home, missing mummy so so so so so so much.

How to say, without being cheesy, how much I love Mummy?

My mummy who I love with so much pride. and hold so dear in my heart, that it gets physically painful when I think of how much I miss just sitting next to, and yapping away about everything and nothing.

My mummy who I feel so safe with, and know no matter how big or old I get, I'm still her little girl.

My mummy who is so beautiful, inside and out, and smart and funny and quirky and silly.

I love you mi. And words alone cannot express how much I thank you from the bottom of my heart for just being the amazing mother and woman that you are.

For all that we've been through, I wouldn't change a minute of it. Except to wish continuously that I could be with you more, and laugh and shop and chat our time away.

I promise you, one day soon, I'm gonna buy you a Tiffany set, a Chanel bag, and we're gonna spend weeks and weeks traveling (with Daddy and William) all around Europe. My treat, of course. :) Then we're gonna go to Japan (just you and me), and bond like two girls on their first field trip. I'm working to it, I promise, I promise, I promise.

Hugs, love, kisses and all things wonderful.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My (current) digs

It's been raining the past few days, so I haven't been able to go out for the walks that I want and take the lovely pictures that I wanna share.

Anyhoo, I'm sure the sun's gonna shine a million times brighter after all this rain gets out of the way, so till then, I'll just regale you with my every day life.

Today's post will then be about where I've been staying and will stay till next week.

 My fave part of the room. The Bathroom. This is one helluva bathroom, I tell u. My camera doesn't do it justice. This is my dream bathroom. One day, when I own a house, my bathroom's gonna look just like this. 

And here's a terrace that the bathroom opens up to. Can you imagine? Taking a bath, and having a view like this? We also sit out here and 'chill' (when it's not raining). 

And here's the rest of the room. And that little corner with the computer is where I spend most of my day. 

So, until we find our little apartment, here's where I am!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm talking bout SUNSHINE

This is gonna be a picture filled post of our very very very very blissful 3-day honeymoon in London.

I've heard Londoners say that in a year, the city experiences about only about 3 sunny days, and the rest of the 362 days are foggy, rainy and grey. When I was there, it was sunny for (almost) two days! How blessed!

Our smiling faces here are slightly deceiving. With 4 luggages, and absolutely exhausted from Brighton, we decided to treat ourselves to a private car ride from Gatwick to our hotel at Oxford Street.

OF COURSE I had to have fish and chips as my first meal in London. Which ended up a disappointment. But little did I know that wasn't the end of it, and that 4 hours later, it would cause me to hug the toilet bowl and hurl out all the contents of my stomach from the past two weeks. I puked for 5 hours straight. THAT was how I spent my first night in London.

Thank god I was given a few hours before the Fish and Chips could work its poison into my system. We managed to walk around gleefully and marvel at just how pretty the city that was home to all my favourite childhood story books is. 


Day 2 

The next morning, despite my less than ideal night, we were ready to conquer London. The sun was shining so brightly that it was impossible to feel at all sick. The weather was cool and crisp. People were smiling. I was so happy.

First stop: Hyde Park. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! So nice lo!!!!!!!!!!

Boat ride on Serpentine's Lake. It costs 7 pound per person for a 30 minute ride. Worth every single penny. 

 Then we were at Buckingham Palace! :) Princess is HOME!!!!!!


Then we started shopping and all cos it started to rain. 

And then I had my most expensive hawker style wan tan mee and roast duck. Price of wanting a taste of home: 25pound. 

But it hit the spot perfectly, and thus ended my perfect, perfect day in London.

Then the next day it continued to rain. Just as well we were leaving.

Are you kidding me?!

So, today am continuing the search of our apartment.

And seriously, it's not fun at all. It's really, really, really, really expensive!

I was already shocked by prices in Shanghai. But that's really nothing compared to the situation here. For 10,000 RMB (approx 1,100 euro) in Shanghai, I had a HUGE 3-bedroom, 170sqm, fully furnished condo. And I already was wailing about how expensive it was compared to KL.

Little did I know, it would get worse. Here, for 1,000 euro, you get a bare, empty, 40sqm walk up flat. For 900 euro, you get a one-room 27sqm hole. Seems that people here are too rich to rent, and therefore rental properties are few and scarce and not very well done up cos the demand's virtually non-existent.

Here's a sample of what I've had to look at.
This is one of the better ones. It's 45 sqm, 1 bedroom, unfurnished. But that's not just what I'm stressing out about. Listen to this. It costs 970 euro to rent. 2,910 euro for deposit (3 months!). Plus one month agency fee. Upfront, we're to cough up 3,880 euro before even stepping in! Imagine, that's almost what some people pay as a deposit to BUY an apartment in Malaysia. 
And in case anyone is wondering if it's possible to get anything cheaper. Here's what you get for 870 euro.
 This is 27sqm. One bedroom. That's all. For almost 900 freaking euros. That's 4,500 RINGGIT! Seriously?!

God, give me strength to see this through.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So, since getting here 3 days ago, I've been eating at the hotel restaurant alternately with Hubby's boss Mr.S, boss wife - Ms.J and GM - Ms.V.

I know I owe it to Mummy and Daddy to show our food, and I must say, the food has been exceptional (since it IS William who is doing the cooking), but I a bit shy to take pictures of the food for fear of looking uncool. And it is very uncool. No one takes pictures of their food in a nice restaurant.

Anyway, today, I ventured out of the hotel to walk around the town for lunch. I have been hankering for anything asian. I mean, meal after meal of salmon or steak or asparagus can get a bit too much for a Malaysia truly Asian girl.

Now, Luxembourg is small and I know the possibility of finding good Asian restaurant is next to impossible. So when I chanced upon an Asian fast food outlet in the middle of the tourist area, I literally just jumped at the chance to have a plate of fried noodles and stir fried beef with spring rolls. Back in Asia, I'd NEVER deign to eat something so generic and what I'd call "a waste of calories".

Here, I gladly paid almost 9 euro for this meal that I ate with such relish, and which made me a happy girl all day.

Restaurant name: Forgot (Will go back for another meal and find out)
Rating: Two thumbs up (for special reasons)
Price: 8.50euro (Including the small bottle of mineral water)

Oh! Luxembourg!

So this is going to be my home for (I think) the next few years.

After all the angst and dread about moving here from Shanghai, I am finally embracing the change and kicking my ass into appreciation action.

First impressions:
It's a refined and elegant and small city. Much like a confident, well-traveled, (uber) wealthy, but very  discreet European lady.
If this city was a color, it would be a beige. Classic, age-old, but not flattering on all skin colors.

It's also very quiet. There is no rush that I am used to. I mean, there is no traffic. We're in the city centre, and you barely can hear the sound of a car. People seem unhurried. It doesn't mean that they're less efficient. But they're somehow calmer. Maybe that's what was bugging me. I'm so used to hustle and bustle and all things fast in the city, and this sense of calm and quiet is so foreign. I'd liken it to Mt Kinabalu in KK. Yup. THAT quiet.