Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sayang Sayang, Sayang sayang Sayang

This is a story about a boy and a girl.

They first met about 5 years ago, and were incredibly shy with each other. He was intimidated by her big hair and flamboyance, and she was just amazed at how colorful and friendly he was. At their first meeting, they hit it off immediately, but decided to take things slow, because they were both cautious of how fast moving relationships could also burst into thin air.

Even then, they knew they wanted things to last. So, they kept off being too close until about 6 months into getting to know each other.

As fate would have it, their lives then became incredibly intertwined. And soon, having now known each other for more than a few months, they could declare their adoration for each other, and hang out every free minute they had.

He became her bestest guy friend in the world. They shopped (till this day he remains her bestest shopping buddy ever - well, except for Super Mummy, that is), went on holidays, ate, gossipped, cried over loves found and lost and lost and found, started a business, and even started living together.

They were inseparable. And the times they shared with each other and their wonderful friends were magical. Some of the best times of her life.

Then she decided she had dreams that she wanted, and that those dreams would take her far far away from where she was. And in the midst of saying goodbye and leaving the house they shared, she felt that this was the end. Because distance does not bear well for many. And she knew in her heart that when she left, she'd also be leaving so many that she loved. And that so many would forget her and that her place would be easily replaced.

And so it was. But not for him. He was different. And in him, she found she had a special place. She knew he loved her, faults and all, and he knew that he'd always have a home wherever she was. Even with the distance, they saw each other continuously through career moves, love mishaps, good times, bad times, all times.

And, as far she went, he followed, in calls, messages, visits. And for that, she is eternally grateful, because in him she sees her past and her future, all rolled up in one cuddly, lovable teddy bear.

And so they lived happily ever after. A trillion miles away from each other.

Happy Birthday my Sayang Super Megs. You know I love you, and always will.

p.s. I'm still upset that at the wedding you stuck so close to William and took your job as his best man so seriously that we didn't even get a picture together! :p



Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paparazzism continues

So, I think I might have found my fave way of taking pictures of myself.

This time, I got Super Hubs in the shots, and we had quite some fun pretending to be super stars being attacked by paparazzi.

But before I go to our very perasan pictures. Let me share what the world's corniest (and sweetest also la) husband suggested we get when we went into town yesterday.

Made by this dude. 



Feel the love goosebumps from your head to the tips of your fingers anot? :p
Okie. Back to my new form of photography. Ya think I could start a trend with this?


Monday, April 25, 2011

I am my very own Paparazzi

These weeks have been both wonderfully beautiful and incredibly gut wrenching. That's how the best times of life sometimes is, isn't it?

For the past three years now, Spring has always brought very strong gusts of winds of change to my life. 

And year after year, the changes bring me further from who I was and closer and closer to who I really am. 

As of now, the winds are blowing really hard again. In all directions. Messing up my hair.

But this time, I promise to not be scared, raise the alarms, and cry wolf. 

This time, I'm ready. With a huge, goofy, smile.

Bring it on.

After all, wind-swept, messed up hair is always sexiest, isn't it?


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Born to be wild

Not really.

But I've had that song in my head all day. So it has to come out somewhere.

Today, while Super Hubs was busy with his cooking class, I went a-visiting. First to the weekly market, then to a friend's house, then to the hospital.

And so I had no photographer. But I (think) I looked really quite cute today. So, what else could I do but camwhore in the middle of the street so I could show-off share my wild side here.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mind reader

This car was parked outside my house all day. 

How did they know what I want?!

*note to non-Malaysian readers: Mau (or actually, Mahu) means 'want' and Duit means 'money' in Malaysian.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


... in Super Boo's kitchen :)

We heart Ju. liette Bi. noche.
In fact, the first DVD Super Hubby and I watched together
when he was courting me very diligently was Chocolat.

Ah... How that brings back memories. :) :) :)

Who knew Super Hubs would be making her chocolate desserts two and a half years later?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Parc Belair

So today, the sun was shining bright. Unfortunately, the temperature still hovered at approx 8 degrees. But we were tired of vegetating in front of the TV and decided to venture out to a park near our house, which was such a great idea, cos it was filled cheerful sights and sounds of birds chirping and kids laughing and popping out from all corners.

Since it's generally frowned upon to take pics of other people's kids (you know, in case we're psychos and stuff like that), we could only capture the joy of the day by taking shots of each other.

Also cos we're a bit vain like that. :)


Friday, April 15, 2011

Snack time

The other day, we found ourselves with  a bag full of fresh and still wriggling tiny little shrimps. 

So Super Hubs made me my fave snack.
He used loads of butter, olive oil, salt, pepper and love. 

I was thrilled. And he was happy that I was thrilled. At first. He became less than thrilled when I started popping each crunchy morsel into my mouth and munched away noisily next to him on the sofa as he tried to take a nap.

Nom nom nom nom nom. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You know...

... how they say that you pack on the pounds in winter and then the weight melts away as the weather gets hotter?

So not true! In my case anyway.

I think I was much slimmer in winter (despite eating every hour on the hour). I gave no thought as to how my body looked (since I was under mounds of clothes anyway), and I just ate (a lot) to keep myself nourished (and happy). And then, I seemed to lose weight so effortlessly.

Recently though, the jeans that used to hang on my hips are now straining against my bulging tummy, and as the weather gets hotter, I feel myself growing a size bigger every 5 degrees celcius that rises.

And I'm even making an effort to not eat like a pig anymore in preparation for bikini season (though where I am actually going to wear a bikini to in Luxembourg is a totally different conversation altogether).

Does it make any sense that I have now come to the conclusion that the more I eat, the more weight I lose?

And now that I'm eating (slightly) less the weight's somehow going back up because my body's protesting in a somewhat rudely ironic manner.

Or that maybe my body is allergic to heat, and will swell up like a balloon when the temperature goes above 25 degrees celcius (like it did yesterday).

And that my jeans will be loose again tomorrow since it's forecasted to be 3 degrees celcius.

Cos I already feel slimmer today cos it's 10 degrees celcius right now.

... aren't you glad you're not living in my head? (or in Luxembourg for that matter?)...


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trigger happy hubby

So today we went on a romantic walk to town for lunch. Just the two of us.

Hubby, who I normally have to beg to take pictures of me suddenly decided he liked the feel of the camera in his hand today. And he also demanded that I showcase his 'works of art' here. I of course am obliging because I look quite cute in some of the pics.

Photo credits: My funny, smart, talented and handsome husband William Mahi 
( ^_^ HAPPY NOW?!?!?!?!?! )