Tuesday, October 25, 2011


You know how life just rolls by as you laze around? And how plans and the bestest intentions just stay in your head day after day?

Well, that's me, lately.

A look at a typical day in my life:

10:00: Wake up
10:15: Order two pots of coffee, wake hubby up.
10:30: Drink coffee, check email and facebook. Also make sure little Lola (who is my blond alternate self on the Sims-Social application on facebook) is well-fed, clean, socialising and earning simoleons.
11:30: Poop and shower.
12:00: Head over to hotel resto for buffet lunch and binge.
13:00: Back to room and watch whilst hubby gets ready for work. Mentally plan to go to gym and sauna.
14:00: Try to talk myself into changing into gym clothes as I lie on the sofa and channel surf.
14:30: Stalk blogs. Love chocolate cookies & candies and raising rockstar and feather factor's recent posts. Should leave comments. Maybe later when I'm feeling wittier.
15:00: Convince myself that gym in the evening would be MUCH better cos there's a pilates class at 8pm. Give myself pat on back for smart decision, and feels no guilt for postponing gym plans. Go for coffee and a walk.
16:00: Walk around the neighbourhood. Everything is beautiful. Mentally plan blog post about life in Istanbul.
17:00: Stop for coffee. Cannot resist scoffing down two truffles. Plan yet another blog post about my love for dark chocolate.
18:00: Back in room. Call room service for snacks so I can be 'ready' for pilates in 2 hours. Order tomato consomme and garden salad with egg. Plans blog post on how good life is and how much I love room service.
18:30: Check on Lola while I eat and congratulate myself for ordering such healthy food.
19:00: Lie on sofa. Feel slightly sick. Maybe I overate. Shouldn't have had the bread and butter.
19:30: No way I can get to pilates. I'd get appendicitis. Maybe I should write a blog post instead. After I haul myeslf off the sofa.
20:00: I knew I wasn't meant to go to gym. Just got call for dinner at the Jap resto here. Ahhh... I love sashimi.
20:30: Dinner time. Not hungry but there's always space for sashimi and teppanyaki.
22:30: Back. Marvel at how clean the room is. I love turn-down services. Lie on sofa and unbutton jeans. Why oh why did I eat the rice?
22:45: Haul self for shower. Teppanyaki hair makes me feel sick.
23:00: Back on sofa. Tummy up. REALLY shouldn't have had the rice.
23:45: Hubby's back. Try to get him to order something different from room service tonight but he insists on his usual grub - entrecote medium rare with blue cheese sauce, fries, goat cheese salad, chocolate fondant and vanilla ice cream. Nag him about why he doesn't change his orders once in a while. Get a kiss in response. I love my hubby. Shoo him to take shower.
00:15: His food arrives. I sit with him and sip on decaf. He inhales everything except the fries. I feel pity for the poor wasted fries. I eat them. Also daintily dip them into the leftover blue cheese sauce. Also scrape the bowl that holds the remnants of his vanilla ice cream.
00:30: Back on sofa. Rub tummy and blame hubs for making me fat.
00:45: Redesign Lola's house. She needs a new playroom.
01:30: Ordered to bed by hubby. Bid goodnight to Lola, but not before I make sure she's earned enough money today.
01:40: Lie in bed and check gym class schedule for tmrw. Ah! There's a yoga class at 16:00. Perfect timing! Yoga's better than pilates anyway.
01:50: Shift hubby's arms to my neck when he tries to hug my bulging tummy and drift away to dreams of me stretching and yoga-ing and having svelte body.


THAT's my tummy. In dreamland.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Onboard the Russian Destroyer - Admiral Panteleyev

So, when I was visiting Phnom Penh recently, three Russian Navy ships bound for a mission in Somalia made a stop at the docks of Sihanoukville. My friend, who is, like, super duper important, was invited by the Russian Military to visit the monster Destroyer. Lucky me got to tag along. and behold are some very cool pictures of me on this nuclear powered machine.
I can't really give you a good commentary as our guide had a very thick Russian accent, and I was more concerned about not tripping and falling and getting good photos than listening to military talk. I can tell you though that the four round things (numbered 1,2,3,4) are one of the many nuclear weapons onboard. And the chair I was sitting in was the Captain's chair, and the men aboard the boat were not going to see land for the next 6 months as they parole the straits of Somalia for pirate activities. Oh, and that pic of me squished between two men whilst grinning awkwardly? On the left's the Russian Military General or Colonel to Cambodia, and on the right's the Captain of the ship.
The rest, je ne sais pas. I so would not be a good spy.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Full of expletives (good ones)

So, it's official - we've moved from Luxembourg to Istanbul. And boy, I can tell you it's a HUGE change. Goodbye quiet living and hello 'WOAH!'.
I'm filled with mixed emotions, of course. I adore Luxembourg for all the super duper amazing people I've met and come to love and I'll miss the quiet serenity of this charming little city town, but it's hard to not fall head over heels in lust with everything Istanbul has to offer.
Hustle, bustle, colour, vibrance, life, smiles... It's a shock to the senses. In a good way, of course. For now. Everything is so amazing, and I'm impressed at every turn.
But to keep me on my feet and to show you that I'm not completely blindly enamored, I must also say the traffic is horrendous and the internet connection everywhere really sucks.
But other than that, I now know why everyone who's been to Istanbul loves it the way they do. Food is great, service is smooth and smiley, shopping is AWESOME, restaurants are chic, architecture is SUPER and the views are DIVINEEEE!

  (at just two of the many restaurants we tried. Can you see how amazing the views are?)

I could go on and on, and I'd really have loved to show you better pictures but none of my pictures does the stunning views or architecture any justice whatsoever. So, since I have no job (for now), I may fill my time by taking up photography classes and getting myself hooked up with a nice, big ass camera to while my leisurely days away.

The other could-do's in the meantime, in no particular order are:

1. enroll in some jewelry making classes and have an excuse to trawl the souks for some super sized stones and dress myself up in all the bling I see the women everywhere around me sporting.

2. make a baby.

3. blog regularly.

4. take up yoga.

We'll see :)

Any other ideas?