Monday, September 9, 2013

2013 - the year I didn't stop

2013 has been by far one of my best years yet. I know I say that about every single year that goes by, but yeah, 2013 could hands down be the one I've enjoyed the most.

Maybe it's because of the progress I've made with my Ashtanga Yoga practice (do click the link to read about it or else you won't understand the next few sentences). Sometime last year, I went to my first yoga class, and was so far away from touching my toes. I never could have ever imagined being able to be able to finish the primary sequence, let alone the intermediate sequence in this lifetime. But then I started practicing Morning Mysore daily as prescribed, and voila, my body's showing strength I never thought possible.

2013 also marks the year of non-stop traveling. My favoritest thing in the world. I love everything about it - the destinations, airports, hotels, airplane food, local food. I even love the scent of a freshly (sprayed) clean plane that greets you as you walk into the aircraft. And I love throwing open the doors to a hotel room to see if it was everything I imagined, or more. I love listing down all the must-eats of a destination, take a picture of the plates as they arrive, and tick them off my list as I savor each bite.

Maybe that's it. 2013's been a year when I found and actually got to LIVE my passions. Traveling almost every month, and practicing yoga every single day. 

In January, I headed to Luxembourg, where I was greeted by the snow, and gifted with Nike kicks that I promptly put on, and folded my legs into Padmasana.

Then in February, I headed to cold, cold, Paris. Which was a winter wonderland and so much more. I ate, loved, laughed, sang, ate and also went into Ustrasana (Camel Pose) at the Louvre.

March saw me at home in KK. Making a must-eat list for mummy and daddy to provide me with, while I spent my time buried in the neck of my beloved niece. Yoga was done sparingly because the stomach was full at all times.

I didn't go anywhere in April, but was lucky enough to have my baby bro visit me in Istanbul. We had SUCH an awesome time. I did lotsa yoga, but my fave pic is one that Bryan took of my back - I am so rocking my new yogini body! Leggings are of course from Blackmilk.

Ah, May was quiet. It was a month of extreme yoga activity but no photos.

Then June came. I went to London. You know what's better than traveling? Traveling with a bunch of people you love and can be totally comfortable with. For me, that's my family. And I got into Urdha Dhanurasana at the Tower Bridge.

In July, we went back to Hubby's hometown, Biarritz. The highlights, were of course yoga everywhere. On the beach. At the lake. At the house. And lots of food. And wine. Hic.

And I also went to Bilbao. And ate a lot of Pintxos. Drank a lot of wine. And mimic-ed the spider at the Guggenheim Museum.

Soon, I'll be headed to Barcelona. I plan to do the simple Padmasana at the Sagradia Familia if I can't get into Sirshasana (headstand).

And right now, I'm also fervently researching flights and Sydney hotels because I'm dying to do the Setu Bandha Sarvangasana with the Sydney Harbour bridge as a backdrop. 

2013 ain't over yet, and I plan for a list as long as this one to close the last four months of the year!